Why choose UMC?

We take the worry out of home improvements Because our years of experience and always-professional approach ensures that building, renovating or extending your home won’t become a stressful experience. Maybe you’re on a tight budget… or maybe the sky’s the limit!

A fixed-price contract means no worries Our fixed-price contracts mean you won’t be lumped with any hidden costs or go through the ordeal of a budget blowout. The price we agree on is the price you pay – it’s as simple as that. Price is always a concern so why don’t you give us a call & we will give you ‘on the go’ estimates so that you don’t design a project that ends up outside your budget.

In-house design experts means no worries Our design experts can be involved from the earliest stages of planning to offer a wealth of creative ideas for your build. Better still, they can offer ‘on-the-go’ pricing to ensure you keep to your budget.

An In-house team of builders means no worries Our in-house builders have been handpicked to work at UMC because they’re great at what they do, and take pride in each and every project they undertake. They work together as a team on every job, so you can be sure this well-oiled machine will finish the build on time and to the highest possible standard.

Competitive pricing You can rest assured that when you get a quote from UMC, it’s a fair and balanced price – we wouldn’t have lasted 26 years in the industry if we weren’t offering excellent value for money!

We can take care of everything so you don’t have to worry! If you want us to, we’ll oversee every detail of the project, from go to whoa. We’ll even take care of the necessary official planning approvals – after all, we’ve got over 20 years experience of working with the ACT Planning.